How To Test Camshaft Sensor – Easy Way to Learn

if you don’t know How To Test Camshaft Sensor this article will help you to test a camshaft.if you Having a damaged camshaft sensor might be a big problem for you since it will prevent your car from starting up and running correctly. The valves of the crankshaft will start to compress since the camshaft is directly connected to the crankshaft. And when this happens, the camshaft fails to help with your car’s regular functioning after you turn your key in the car’s ignition.

Now to make sure that your camshaft has the right timing and has control over the opening and closing of the valve during ignition is essential. To do so, you need to know how to test camshaft sensors and see where the problem lies so that you can fix it.

steps about How To Test Camshaft Sensor

To make sure your camshaft positioning sensor is working. You need to conduct some tests on it with the necessary tools and see the problem before fixing it. The steps to do this given below:

Step 1: Setting Up

When setting up, you need to make sure you have your car in an area that is well lit. Doing it outdoors in broad daylight is an excellent way to do it as long as the sun’s rays aren’t too unbearable. Another area you can use is your garage. Still, you need to make sure the garage has enough lighting inside so that everything in your car engine is visible without you having to use an extra flashlight.

Assuming your car is not at all running, you might need some help from healthy people to push your vehicle into a clean and bright area. If your vehicle does work well enough, then you can drive it to that area. Turn the engine off completely and wait a few hours while the engine cools down. Popping the hood open helps it cool faster. For your safety, you should also unscrew the terminals of the car battery.

Step 2: Have The Right Tools

It would help if you had the right tools. You will need to conduct these tests on your camshaft sensor. A wrench of about half an inch is one of those essential tools. Having a manual about the engine’s different parts and how to find them and get to them is also helpful to have around if you are new to this sort of task.

When you are disconnecting the battery’s terminals, the half-inch wrench will help unscrew the nuts. Get yourself a digital volt ohmmeter or a digital multimeter from any hardware shop, which will help you measure the resistance or voltage in your camshaft sensor. So that you know if something seems wrong.

Step 3: Disassembling Engine Parts

To get to the camshaft sensors, you will have to remove some other parts of the engine. Use your user manual for this step so that you can safely remove those parts without damaging anything. You have to be especially careful when dealing with chevy 350 cams.

Step 4: Testing The Camshaft Sensor’s Measurements

Take your ohmmeter or multimeter and connect the red lead part of your meter with the VO+ marked socket. Do the same by clicking the black lead to the COM marked socket. If you need to, you can set your meter to an Ohms setting.

Take those leads of the digital multimeter or digital volt ohmmeter and connect them to the camshaft positioning sensor’s opposite ends on electrical contact points. This is when you can determine the current resistance or voltage shown on the multimeter or ohmmeter for the camshaft sensor.

The general voltage gap between the break out terminals should be around 24 and 40. The voltage should show more than 0.1 volts as the reading on an excellent camshaft sensor. Check your user manual if you are unsure of the measurements.

Final words

By following the above steps, you can test out the necessary volt or resistance measurements in a camshaft sensor. Problems like your car not starting up or your vehicle not running smoothly because its jerking or isn’t accelerating could be happening because of a bad camshaft sensor. Suppose you know how to test camshaft sensors. In that case, you can determine its condition and then take action regarding fixing it or replacing it.if you trouble with your car battery you can check out this article How To Test A Car Battery .also, we have another informative article about car inspection and we shared a lot of tracks for maintaining your car

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