How To Remove Car Door Trim? New Tips & Tricks

If you don’t know How To Remove Car Door Trim, this article will help you. Car trims are those decorative materials that don’t add any functionality to the car. They are added to a vehicle to make it more relaxed and increase the market value. There are external and internal trims that can be available in a car. 

Like most places, car doors can be decorated with trims that have no functionality. Sometimes you may feel like your car will look more beautiful without the door trim, or you may need to repair or clean them. For that, you may have to take action to remove the car door trim.

You can learn the procedure of removing car door trim for your car or being eager to become a technician. I am going to discuss the process, ingredients needed, and many more about how to remove the car door trim.

How To Remove Car Door Trim

How To Remove Car Door Trim?

Car doors can have both interior and exterior trims. To remove the absolute nonfunctional one, you have to learn the procedure first. Before learning the process, you must keep in mind that you will need some ingredients or tools to remove a car door trim. I will describe all these things.


You will need some tools to remove the door trim, whether it is interior or exterior. Car door trims can be removed with a screwdriver and other metal clips—usually, these things you will find in your home. But there is a chance that these tools can leave marks on your car.

You can use the auto trim removal tools available in the market to solve the problem of marks. You will find numerous tools with different features. Sometimes they will vary in tool pieces, sometimes in quantity, or sometimes in price. You have to set your budget first and then checking some reviews you can buy the best one.

Again auto trim removal tools can be made of various materials like nylon, plastic, or metal. If you don’t want to face any scratches after removing the car door trim, you can avoid the metal ones. Nylon or plastic-made tools will be easy and comfortable to use.

Usually, auto trim removal tools include some panel removal kit, fastener remover, clip pliers, etc. The number of appliances increases with the size of the toolbox or price. You can check some reviews online to select the desired one. After collecting the trim removal tool, you have to proceed to learn the procedure.


 Keep the car in a heated place

Before removing the trim, ensure that the car is in a warm place. So basically, you can remove the trim in warm weather easily. But if you are going to remove it in cold weather, keep the car in a garage. Then make it friendly by an electric dryer or a hairdryer.

Find out the screws

To find out the screws, you have to look at the outer ridges of the car. Most of the car doors offer small pieces of trims, and the handle comes with some screws. You will find the screws on the inner handles. 

Remove the trims and screws.

After finding the trims and screws, you have to remove them with the help of a screwdriver or trim removers. While doing that, you have to take some precautions because your carelessness can damage or scratch the car. 

You may have to face some pieces of plastic fascia before removing the screws. Remove the covers of the handle and then loosen up the hidden screws. After loosening the screws, gently pull the handle off to remove it. also sometimes you need best brake line flaring tool to remove the screw 

Remove the speaker if there is any.

There are some cars which equipped with door speakers. To get access to the inner door trim or panel, you have to remove the speaker. Gently pull the cover of the speaker. Then loosen up the screws of the speaker and finally remove the speaker.

Now remove the door card or panel.

You will find several hidden screws. Some hidden well that they are hard to find out. Loosen up all the screws with a screwdriver or trim removal tools. After that, pull the plastic sheet over the card. 

There you will see some cables and wires. You have to clip or disconnect the cables. Once you are done with disconnecting all the cables, the dent or card will be in your hand. So finally you are done with removing the car door trim.


This is also an important thing to learn. Inner door trims are made to hide the wires that are important to a car. So can’t just remove the dent permanently. After repairing or cleaning it, you have to put it in the same place again. 

Removing the exterior door trim 

Till now, I have been describing the process of removing interior car door trim. You may find trims on the outside of a car, too, which you want to remove. The reason might be to clean or repair or repaint the trim. Removing the exterior car door trim is way more comfortable than the interior one.

You have to heat one end of the trim. Then pull off the end with a trim removal tool. Continue pulling until the whole trim comes out. There you find some adhesive after removing the trim. So you have to remove the glue too by adopting some process. And then again attach the trim to the car.

How To Remove Car Door Edge Trim?

Removing the car door edge trim is also famous as the interior, and exterior car door trims. If your desire to change color or want to give your car a new look, you have to remove the edge trim and repair it. Now I will describe it shortly.

Removing the car door edge trim is as easy as the process, as mentioned above. You have to heat the edge with a hairdryer to make it warmer. You can do it better with a heat gun. When it becomes much warm to touch, pull it off from the car door. Then use rubbing alcohol to remove the adhesive.

Then again firmly adhere the trim to the door.

Extra Tips

• Try to remove the trims in a warm place. Cold weather is not suitable for this procedure. Over 65-degree temperature is best proper.

• Use auto trim removal tools to make your work easier and smoother.

• Try to avoid metal tools. They can cause scratches to the car.

• Before removing the adhesive, mix the alcohol with water in an equal amount. Then let the place dry.

• Before rewashing the vehicle, wait for 24 hours to settle down the trim. if you have break issue, you can check it here