How To Test A Car Battery lets See If It Is Good

Want to know how to test a car battery to see if it’s good or not. Here are the ultimate guidelines. 

As you’re a car owner, you have to have a clear idea about the importance of checking your car battery every weekend. Because, when you don’t focus enough on your car battery, then there is a possibility to turn off your car anywhere, anytime. 

Plus, I want to notice a precise matter. Very likely, you’re going to face an unexpected problem at the time of long trials if you don’t tend to check your car battery every weekend.

I faced this problem many times in my life, and maybe you’re as well. After then, I bounced back from this bad habit. That’s why it’s a wise decision to keep checking your car battery from time to time to avoid any unexpected issues. 

Turn Off All Electric Appliances:

As you’re going to test your car battery by yourself, your very first job is to turn off all the electric appliances. Such as Headlights, additional lights, car door light, radio, air conditioner, etc. 

Take The Battery Out From Your Car: 

Once you’ve done the first job, it’s time to do the second one. Right now, take the battery out from your car; never intend to test a car battery keeping it in the car battery case. 

Here, cut off the negative terminal first and then the second one. Don’t try to separate the positive terminal. To take out the car battery, you’re allowed to use a terminal puller if it needs. 

Clean The Terminals:

I hope you guys have been able to take off your car battery from the battery case perfectly, right? 

Well done! 

You’ve just completed a momentous job. Now, take a piece of sandpaper and clean the negative and positive terminals out and out. It’ll help you to get rid of any doubt if the voltmeter has connected correctly or not. 

Charge the Car Battery:

Buddy, charge the car battery as fully as possible but doesn’t cross the limit. It’s not necessary for a car battery (that a car battery will charge fully.) if you overcharge it.  

So, wink the inside of the battery from time to time if it is charged 100%. Very often, it’s seen that most of the non-warranty cells don’t have enough ability to charge fully. car battery for your car. 

Test Anode and Cathode Severally: 

If the car battery has been charged 100%, then wait a moment to go for the next step. 

When the bubbles get cold, take a voltmeter to test the car battery. Here, there is a recipe for testing a car battery that you have to know. This is what you need to check the car anode and cathode separately. 

Many of the amateurs make this mistake. They test positive and negative terminals at a time. Test both terminals at a time can occur any problem. 

What About The Result: 

Great! You’ve right now reached to the final task. Now, 

Cut Off the Wire from Anode and Cathode: 

Bonus Tips: 

Give sharp attention at the time of charging the battery to understand if it’s creating enough bubbles inside or not.  

Check the percentage of the battery voltages from time to time when it’s charging. 

The List Of Important Accessories You Must Have: 

Here, we’ve listed a few accessories you have to have on your own before starting the job. 

Go To Any Safe Zone: 

The place where you’re going to test a car battery now is one of the most important things you need to be aware of that. Whenever you intend to test a car battery, consider a safe zone for this job. 

Go to your home garage or any professional one. The reason behind this is that not only a car battery but also all other cells are composed of sulfuric acid, which is very much dangerous for human and domestic animal health. 

However, we recommend you to choose AGM Car Battery because studies show that AGM batteries are pretty perfect for a car. 

Wear A Pair Of Rubber Gloves: 

When you intend to test your car battery by yourself, it’s essential to wear a pair of rubber gloves. It goes without saying; wearing a pair of gloves will ensure your hands’ safety from sulfuric acid. 

There are tons of rubber gloves available in the market to check out. Consider a pair of gloves from them. 

Take A Pair Of Gloves: 

Taking a pair of gloves is another wise decision to get rid of sulfuric acid. So, have a couple of gloves whenever you go to test your car battery. 

Wear Protective Apron:

Wearing a protective apron is very much important to test your car battery. There is a possibility of falling sulfuric acid on any part of your body. Sulfuric acid is hazardous for the human body (especially for our mouth). 

So, wear a protective apron to avoid an accident. 

Final Verdict of how to test a car battery: 

In a nutshell, if you’ve become failed to test your car battery by yourself, we suggest you go to any car garage to check your car battery if it’s okay. The reason behind this is that it’s a bit risky to check a car battery if you don’t have any clear idea about it. 

Every car battery comes with sulfuric acid. So, if you don’t have enough ideas on this task, then don’t try to test your car battery. 

If the tests explained the battery is in superior physical condition, you possibly will have difficulty with the setting up or charging arrangement. You can look for our other article regarding these issues that demonstrate how you can do a few rapid tests with no tools applying.

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