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Is there a lack of enthusiasm for the throttle response of your car? Then, the Pedal Commander is the right choice for you to enjoy faster acceleration and to increase the fuel economy of your vehicle. The throttle response controller, Pedal Commander, helps in solving the slower throttle response issues of the automobiles. However, Pedal Commander works only with the electric gas pedals of your vehicles. Thus, while buying the device, you have to check out your pedals. Now, we have helped you to make the right purchase with our genuine Pedal Commander reviews. A detailed view of this Pedal Commander is highly useful to potential buyers.

Here is top five Pedal Commander:

There are over Hundred types of Pedal commander .but all this are not suitable for your car, and all are not up to the expectation mark. Here we choose the top five Pedal Commander with a base of customer review and from the top-selling list.

Pedal Commander – How does this device perform its work?

As one of the auto technicians or car operators, you may know that gas pedals of old vehicles are highly responsive. You cannot always find it in the modern car’s gas pedals. At this point, you can realize the role of Pedal You can press the gas pedal and feel your vehicle control right away. However, the question is- How does pedal commander work? How does this device solve the car’s response delay?

At present, you can find a throttle-by-wire set up in most of the latest vehicles. Only the positioning of the sensor helps in the functioning of everything. The sensor is present in the acceleration system. It transmits your foot pressure signals to the integrated computer system. Then, this computer helps in reducing the signal to enable the power generation of the engine.

In short, we can say that Pedal Commander works as a type of intermediary unit between a computer and a sensor. Taking the signal from this sensor, it informs the network about your act of pressing gas pedals. Consequently, your car will be able to accelerate faster, based on your chosen mode.

Thus, we have talked about how Pedal Commander works. Now, let us clarify the modes, offered by Pedal Commander. You will learn how all these modes are causing an effect on the acceleration of your vehicle.


This mode enables you to enjoy a very steady and smooth acceleration. Apart from that, it uses 25% of the engine power of your car. It incorporates the power consistently to almost 50% of the depression of the gas pedal.

However, Eco mode does not cause any limitation to the acceleration. After passing 50% of depression, you will find more active engine power. That is why you can choose this mode to have a slow and steady acceleration. While driving your vehicle through the highly trafficked zone, you may rely on this mode.

Remember that you must press the yellow button of Pedal Commander for a few seconds. It will help you to turn on ECO mode. From Pedal Commander reviews of various users, we have found that this mode is one of the safety features to the car drivers.

Sport + mode-

To choose a highly is aggressive setting, you can prefer this mode. It is capable of increasing the throttle response time of your car by 95%. Also, you will have the optimized engine power by 30% of the gas pedal depression. However, this mode is not right for a novice car driver. You can try it out for the first time on the open road.

Sport mode-

You will find it to be a slightly sensitive mode for your vehicle. Within a short time, you will have the full throttle. Precisely, we can say that after reaching 50% of the gas pedal depression, this full-throttle becomes achievable to you.

Hence, you have to choose mode sensibly, focusing on all the aspects. To drive your vehicle through a highly populated highway, you can look for a different method.

City mode-

It is one of the methods, helping to have a moderate increase in your car’s acceleration. Interestingly, the stock settings are similar to this type of environment. However, you will get the opportunity of increasing or decreasing the voltage amount, sent to the throttle position sensor of the car. While Eco mode is too much jerky to you and Sport mode is highly jerky, this City mode is the right option to you.

Levels of sensitivity for Pedal Commander users-

For every mode that we have discussed, there are eight options of sensitivity. All those options are intended to customize and fine-tune the methods based on your preferences. For instance, your pedal appears to be much sensitive. Furthermore, it is giving a high amount of power with a very light touch. In that case, you have to reduce the level of sensitivity. Conversely, you have an opportunity of increasing this sensitivity level while there is a need for pushing the pedal with high effort for a response.

Reviewing the best Pedal Commanders-

You can find Pedal Commanders, designed for various vehicle models. Thus, to find the right product, you have to know your car’s technical details.

We have chosen some pedal commanders for you.

Pedal Commander Silverado

Pedal Commander for Chevy Silverado is one of the top-rated products in the market. When your Chevy Silverado car model is having the throttle-response delay problem, you can choose this product. You will find the better acceleration of your car. Moreover, Pedal Commander for Chevy Silverado is easy to install. Thus, a simple plug-&-play process will help you in fitting the system to your vehicle.

There are four modes, and you may adjust them, based on your purpose. You will also find them with 36 variations. For the off-road or snow-covered road, you can choose Eco mode. You can invest in this warranted product to get the best-quality throttle response controller.

Pedal Commander PC31

PC31 is another Pedal Commander model, having high-grade components. With the OEM quality connectors, you will easily be able to install the device. The device also comes with Bluetooth technology. In addition to it, the overall system of the invention is very user-friendly, and it remains integrated with four modes, having eight adjustable settings. This feature is common to all Pedal Commanders.

As the equipment is easily installable, you can accomplish the task in a DIY process. The device fits any trim package, including GT, SE, Rally, Shaker, Hellcat, SRT8, Daytona, Scat Pack, Overland, and Demon. Thus, invest in this product to have an increased response and to enjoy better control over the throttle output.PC31 model is the first and features pedal commander of this article.that’s why we did a little brief.

Pedal Commander Tacoma

Pedal Commander systems are available for Tacoma car models. You can buy Pedal Commander BT for removing the delay issues, caused by your electronic gas pedal. Install the device and let the engine respond very fast. All the four modes have adjustment options, +4 and -4. You can use the mobile app to have control over the device. You have to check out your vehicle details for buying this device. This device is programmed individually for most of the makes and models of cars. The method works with all the trim packages-Tundra, Highlander, 4Runner, Camry, ETC, Corolla, Platinum, Limited, SR5, SR and Limited. Thus, find out the trim level of your car and make sure that the device works with it.


Improves your car’s fuel economy
Easily installable
Adjustable Modes
No impact on the emission system of the vehicle


Sport + and Sport modes can spend fuel.

Properly installing the Pedal Commander-

Have you already bought one of the Pedal Commanders for your car? Now, it is the time of installing it rightly. The installation process is not complicated, and it becomes more comfortable with our guide. There is no need of calling any technician for the setup of this reliable throttle response controller.

You do not have to worry about this installation process.

However, it is essential to ensure that your vehicle’s engine is not running at that time. Never leave the key to the car ignition system. This will help you in avoiding any error to your computer.

Another trick for you is to wait for some minutes after you have parked the car. Within 10 minutes, your car electronics will become fresh. Then, you can start the process of installing Pedal Commander.

Detach the harness – On the top section of the gas pedal, you can find a harness, and you need to detach it. It is also essential to separate your throttle sensor wire.
Use the connector- The connectors help you in connecting Pedal Commander. Check out whether you have fitted the plugs rightly.
Tuck the cables at the right site, where you have to put the device.
Now, install your Pedal Commander at a site that is easily accessible to you for monitoring.

To conclude, we can say that buying a pedal commander is now essential for most of the vehicles. By investing in this innovative device, you will get many benefits. You will have faster and better acceleration. Bluetooth modality, OEM-quality connectors, 3M keypad, and different other features have made Pedal Commander a reliable choice to the car owners. Thus, read our Pedal Commander reviews to buy the product.

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