Anderson Weight Distribution Hitch Reviews-A additional option

If you are looking for a weight-distribution hitch, you are in the right place. Here we are going to discuss Anderson weight distribution hitch reviews. It will help you to take precise decision while choosing one. Right now, one of Anderson is one of the preferable brands when it comes to weight distribution hitches. To be exact, they have revolutionized the work of weight distribution hitches. They got rid of the traditional spring bar-style mechanism of weight distribution and replaced it with a chain mechanism. Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy if you opt for the Anderson weight distribution hitch.

1)They are quite easy to adjust and setup.

2)You don’t have to apply grease on them, and they will work silently.

3)Anderson weight distribution hitches come with ball mount.

4)Besides, you don’t have to install any bar or store.

5)All of them are lightweight.

Top five list of Anderson Weight Distribution

Because of there are lot’s of models in Anderson Weight Distribution Hitch.we research and make a top five very top quality Weight Distribution will assure our top five list. Choose any of this one and you can use it for a long time. after the list we brief top two later in the article.

What is a weight-distribution hitch?

A weight distribution hitch is a standard tool that comes with almost all the sizes of trucks. The design of the weight distribution tools certifies a stable, smooth, and level ride, whenever you are towing a trailer. To be precise, a weight-distribution hitch will assist you in setting up a level for your towing. Besides, it also makes sure that the trailer is not causing any unwanted stress to your vehicle. Also, it allows a smooth ride of your vehicle, even if the hitch is carrying the maximum capacity.

Why should we use a weight-distribution hitch?

Well, weight distribution hitch is an essential part of a vehicle. There are numerous reasons for which you should use a weight-distribution hitch. But before fathoming the reasons, we would suggest you go through the manufacturer’s instructions. Or else, some problems may arise. Even your insurance company may deny your insurance as you ignored the direction of the manufacturers. So, this is why we should use a weight-distribution hitch.

  • It will deliver you with a level ride.
  • It will help you to maximize the capacity of tow.
  • Besides, it prevents the sagging of the vehicle.
  • A weight distribution hitch improves stopping and steering.

Now, let us help you with some Andersen weight distribution reviews

Andersen Mfg 3350 no sway weight distribution hitch

You can look for Andersen Mfg 350 no sway weight distribution hitch without any hesitation. It will serve your purpose precisely. One of the most mind-blowing parts about this weight distribution hitch is that it is capable of self-adjusting. And for that reason, it will provide you with unmatched sway control. Besides, it also comes with 2-5/16” balls as well as universal frame brackets. So, you can understand that you don’t have to buy any extra frame brackets. Also, to remove this weight distribution hitch, you just have to lift a single pin from the toe vehicle. Moreover, it is a grease-free system. Here, the coupler and ball move as one. You can also utilize it as a standard ball mount, in case if you need towing without weight distribution. To be precise, with this weight distribution hitch on your side, you don’t have to worry about anything.

ANDERSEN HITCHES | Weight Distribution Hitch...
624 Reviews
ANDERSEN HITCHES | Weight Distribution Hitch...
  • Unparalleled Sway Control that self-adjusts
  • 2-5/16" ball, universal frame brackets (3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch & 6 inch) included –no extras to buy
  • One pin removal from tow vehicle


  • Self-adjusting sway control is pretty unique and assists to keep the trailer in line.
  • They come with frame brackets, which make it compatible with any towing vehicle and trailer.
  • You don’t have to bother about any annoying sounds.
  • Modern design and materials are incorporated with state-of-art technology, which makes it a brilliant product.


  • It is a bit tough to replace the ball.
  • Three Sixty Degree is the only friction point of this weight distribution hitch.

Anderson 3380 weight distribution kit

Another weight distribution hitch that you can opt for is Anderson 3380 weight distribution kit. It is capable of self-adjustments and will provide you with fantastic sway control. Besides, it is a quiet product. You don’t have to bother about any unnecessary sounds. One of the unique features of this product is patented-true motion dampening system. This feature helps to lower the bounce rate considerably. Also, it is a lightweight product that weighs less than 60 lbs. With this product on your side, you don’t have to worry about greasing as it has a grease-free system. Also, the ball and the coupler move as one. Moreover, while installing this weight distribution hitch, you don’t have to go through any complication. It is quite easy to install. Well, you can tow the trailer smoothly if you want to if you have Anderson 3380 weight distribution kit on your side.

Andersen Hitches No-Sway Weight Distribution...
170 Reviews
Andersen Hitches No-Sway Weight Distribution...
  • UNPARALLELED SWAY CONTROL, NO BOUNCE: The Andersen 'No Sway' Weight Distribution Hitch doesn't just raise the bar, it sets it! It's simple,...
  • SELF-ADJUSTS & EASY BACKING UP: Andersen Hitches sway control system self-adjusts! AND if you need to back up, no sweat! There is no problem...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & HEAVY-DUTY: The Andersen Hitches 'No Sway' Weight Distribution Hitch weighs in under 60 lbs


  • It is capable of self-adjusting and provides with delightful sway control.
  • The true motion dampening system will help you to reduce the bounce rate of the vehicle.
  • You don’t have to grease this weight distribution hitch as it comes with a grease-free system.
  • While installing, you don’t have to use pry bars.


  • There are no such cons about this product.

Why should you buy the above-mentioned products?

Well, there is more than one reason, why you must buy these products. After going through numerous Anderson weight distribution hitch reviews, we grounded on these two. So, let us discuss why these are the best options to choose from.

  • Self-adjusting– This is one of the most significant reasons behind opting for these products. They are capable of self-adjustments and provide a secured control over sways.
  • Quiet– Most of the weight distribution hitches produces some unnecessary sounds. But these two products are pretty quiet. You don’t have to bother about any unwanted sounds.
  • Prevention of sagging– These two weight distribution hitches will prevent the vehicle from sagging. They are west when you are carrying a heavy load.

Buying tips from Anderson Weight Distribution Hitch Reviews

While buying an Anderson weight distribution hitch, you have to consider some points. Considering those points will help you to make the right decision. So, the points that we are talking about are:

Class of the trailer

When it comes to the class of the trailer, there are five classes of it. They are from class 1 to 5.


When it comes to weight, there are two categories of weight. One is the gross trailer weight, and the other is the tongue weight. Compared to the gross trailer weight, the tongue weight is preferable.

So, these are almost all the things that you need to know about Andersen weight distribution hitches.

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