Best front and rear dash cam reviews of 2020

Today in this article, I discuss Best front and rear dash cam reviews. As you all already know from the title. A dashcam can save us from many incidents.road accidents increasing day by day. The legal reason behind an accident can be found by using a dashcam. It solves many cases by recording events. It reduces hard brake and relief us. Parking is sometimes a dangerous place for the car. Sometimes, in the parking hall, other cars damage your car while they are at that time, dash cam uses to record everything auto. Cameras can be kept on while the car is parked. The captured footage in dash cam can be used as proof of legal incident and information.

Why should you need this?

Fraud in insurance has become very worst.that’s why  Many people intentionally harm their vehicles and themselves just get the insurance money. a useful Dash cam can also useful for recording your journey. we know Many unexpected things can be seen recorded by it. These recorded things make the adventure more enjoyable. Something weird and unplanned things are always cool and dash makes both two for you. It can capture the best click for you which means a lot to you. overall, dash cam is very important for cars and very useful also. Now I am going to share a 2020 top 15 Best front and rear dash cam review for you.

Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam updated Review

Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam is one of the Best fronts and rear dash cam. Besides providing evidence of a car collision, dash cams for vehicles expand the experience of traveling with rare footages. The next impression in-dash camera is Z-Edge Z3. An American registered company made Z-Edge Z3 dash cam that comes with more features. first is 3 inch LCD screen with a super HD camera at 30 frames per second. also, It has the best resolution of 13mp for taking photos. With a protruding lens that triples the width virtually. The exciting part about the Z-Edge Z3 dashcam is a small device looks like a pocket camera.

Best features provide higher stability for seamless recording. Unlike the previous version Z2, it’s built on a high-end A7 processor. Its ignition detection capability turns itself ON when the car engine starts. The G-force sensor makes the driver alert if an accident happens. This allows anybody to use this device for surveillance. In the parking, the device turns itself ON automatically if it detects vibration.

Vantrue N2 HD Duel Dashcam Review

if we talk about Best front and rear dash cam so you must talk about Vantrue N2 HD Duel Dashcam.which come with Dual Lens Camera, better recording system, both side front, and back. also, Vantrue N2 HD have duel dashcam is one of the top quality devices that differs from other cameras in the market for dual recording ability, effective front camera, and interior recording performance as well. N2 Dash Cam, this Small device specially equipped with High Tech Dynamic Range lens, a microphone& speaker. if we talk about recording ability it has High-resolution performs sharp and HD videos of 1920×1080 pixels. Easily rotatable up to 80degrees, so you can easily adjust to your need.

The front camera has vision angle 170 degrees and the back one has 140 degrees to capture the whole interior sight. Vantrue N2 HD duel dashcam offers better quality at night vision. The monitoring unit of this camera only of 1.5 inch LCD screen, after some time effectively turns off automatically, so you won’t  distracted by the continuous capturing going on your vehicle’s window shade.

Falcon Zero F170 Dash Cam Review

Falcon Zero F170 dash cam comes with a 2.7inch LCD screen, 12MP camera, 11-feet long cable, 170 degrees super wide-angle. It records 1080P Full HD video with good video quality. It supported up to 64 GB micro SD and JPG photo file. Falcon Zero F170 dashcam uses loop recording. It has GPS that is used to locate car location, speed and also the route on Maps. F170 has WDR to provide better video quality in the night and unbuffered parking mood is used to capture moments when the car is parked. It has G-Sensor which detects any vibration or collision. F170 can be mounted on the windshield using a suction cup. It starts recording as soon as the car starts. F170 can be plugged into the TV as well.

Toguard Dash Cam Review

Toguard dash cam provides active protection and cares for driving. The very compact design doesn’t take up much space. The main body part keeps hiding behind the mirror so no obstruction when driving. Mini 1.5” LCD can show the real-time image to help you adjust the installation angle. Full HD 1080p resolution best wide-angle lens can record the full angle eyes can reach. Anti-shaking ability helps to stabilize the image. It can records easily the subjects moving within 3 meters.

Not needed to format manually, loop recording helps with overwriting unnecessary data when storage needs space. Instantly Playback System on the same device, no need to transfer files to other devices. The self-stop feature stops recording if no movement held in 10 sec and immediately starts duty on finding any movement. Toguard dash cam provides a free micro SD card of 32GB.

Falcon Zero F360 Review

F360 is a great invention as a dashcam. Easy to set up for different vehicles and it fits any size of the rearview mirror of the car. It has a 3.5-inch color TFT-LCD and two cameras with 1080p resolution. 180 degrees rotatable and 120-degree viewing angles. F360 provides cord management system, 12V power adapter and supported 32 GB SD card which is enough to capture five or six hours of footage. Falcon Zero F360 provides a loop recording because of that camera will automatically delete the oldest footage when the card fills up and always have space to record. The night vision lights inside of the car are quite nice. Falcon Zero F360 has a microphone that records surroundings sounds. Ideal for drivers who provide rideshare with Uber, Taxis e.t.c.

Vantrue X3 Dash Cam Review

It includes full six glass lens with a wide F/1.8 aperture that provides you the best night vision quality. Vantrue X2 dash cam has 2.7 inch HD LCD Dashboard camera DVR video recorder. The camera is able to capture the 170-degree field of the scene. It can record super HD footage up to 2560×1440P. It has the G-sensor that locks video files with park mode motion detection. This sensor can detect accident automatic as well. This cam includes auto on/off function with a supportive 64GB micro SD card. It is fitted with motion detectors that trigger auto record. Vantrue X2 dash cam comes with a cigarette lighter charger so that you can charge other electronic devices easily. It starts recording immediately after starting the car. It is extremely simple and easy to install.

HP Dash Cam Review

HP dash cam comes with some top-notch features. will available with a 2.4-inch TFT-LCD screen and a 140-degree wide-angle glass lens. also supports DCF, JPEG image files. the main feature is 1080p video resolution and supports up to 32GB micro SD. The installation system is pretty easy and can be mounted on the windshield of the vehicle. It has a GPS system that can record driving time, date and GPS positioning. It has 3 axes G-force sensor that detects any impact or collisions and creates emergency records.HP dash cam can be charged with Lithium-ion chargeable battery which is utilized for saving files after power interruption with the car. It includes two smart scene modes which are driving priority and scenery priority. These are helpful to capture any beautiful scenery. The cost of HP F500 dash cam is relatively low and according to price, the performance is much better.

WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam review

WheelWitness HD Pro dash cam comes with a 3.0-inch TFT-LCD display, two sticky mounts, micro USB cable, 12-foot power cable, and 16 GB microSD card which is completely free but it supported up to 64 GB microSD. It has a 170-degree wide-angle lens that helped to capture beautiful scenery in front of the car. It has 450mah Lithium-ion battery, G-sensor, and 2k Hd video with 1080p resolution. WheelWitness HD PRO dashcam uses loop recording it means once the SD card storage becomes full it will delete the oldest file for creating space for new videos. It has a GPS system which provides the exact location of the car and also mentors car speed, bearing, and altitude. It will make sounds to alert the driver if the car getting into another lane or headlights are off.

Vava Dash Cam Review

from the whole articles of the Best front and rear dash cam, I like the Vava dash cam name. Vava dash cam presents the latest features in the market. It has a special ability of 360-degree rotation on its magnetic coupling. This feature provides capturing from any angle horizontally. The battery holds the huge energy to capture footage in parking mode for up to 72 hours. It’s also on-trend with the latest features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and iOS/Android apps, so you can quickly share photos, videos on social media.

It also includes a separate key for snapshots, allows capturing an image in hurry. Advance Sony SARVIS IMX291 CMOS sensor is paired with glass lenses. Clear recording 1080p 60fps HD videos even at dark, performs in day and night records continuously. Vava dash cam Includes GPS tracking, photo filtering functions and so on. 320mAh built-in battery allows for G-sensor activity even in parking mode.

KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Cam Review

KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD cam provides accurate camera detection front and rear lenses in 5 inch IPS screen. A wide-angle anti-Glare mirror absorbs unexpected lights from the screen. The glare-free mirror helps to see around without sun glare in your eyes. It provides users the high definition of 30fps video quality for the perfect recording. The front 1296p and 1080p rear cameras are enough for best capturing. It offers Long-lasting battery life without recharging for hours. Many wonderful features and benefits can divert your choice from other devices. The battery holds much charge than regular batteries. The auto features are often praised because they can detect any movement and start recording automatically. next, check out which one is the 2018 Best front and rear dash cam

KDLINKS DX2 Full-HD Cam Review

KDLINKS DX2 Full-HD cam involves front and rear lens system where 1080P videos can be captured by the front lens and 720P videos by rear lens along with 1920×1080P HD recording. The front camera and rear camera can cover 165 degrees and 125 degrees respectively. It has 3” widescreen that makes images clear. 6-glass lenses with WDR system are included in it for superior night vision. It includes G-sensor that can detect accidents automatically. 3.7V Li-polymer battery is fitted with it so that it is able to withstand high/low temperatures. 16GB micro SD card included. very much easy to use due to its compact size. It has a very reputable customer care service with a one-year warranty. You can buy KDLINKS DX2 Full-HD cam to get all these exclusive features.

OldShark Dash Cam Review

OldShark HD dash cam comes with 3-inch LCD, power cable, 12MP camera, USB adapter, USB transfer cable and 32GB microSD which is able to hold the video of 6.5 hours. It has ultra HD video resolution with 1080p. It has a 170-degree wide-angle that able to capture the entire front view. Auto-detection feature G-sensors detect any unexpected incidents and record whatever happened in front of the car. It has also motion detection, parking monitor, night vision. The shell is made of zinc alloy and has a good performance of heat loss, anti-collision and explosion-proof. Has the capability to deal with temperature from -50 degrees to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. also mounted on the windshield is possible. It has a battery that is helped to capture footage when car off. OldShark HD dash cam provides 45 days money-back guarantee and 18 months warranty.

Falcon Zero Touch HD Dash Cam Review

in this Best front and rear dash, cam review Variety of features has made the cam exceptional from other cams. The Falcon zero-touch HD dashcam is one of them.that is able to do 1920×1080 pixel HD recording. The cam operates simply with a 4-inch touchscreen. GPS geo-tagging feature is included in it which makes the camera tag the video with the user’s GPS coordinates. There is a dashcam viewer software by which paths on google maps can be seen. Speed and weather conditions are displayed via GPS data.

A micro-SD card, a car charger, a USB charger are added to the cam. While the Falcon zero-touch HD dashcam is connected to the vehicle’s battery the user can enjoy 24/7 surveillance with continuous power. This cam can record constantly regardless of whether the smaller scale SD card runs out. The cam can view 170 degrees of the field. It includes a 32GB SD card with supportive 64GB. The quality of the cam is extremely good and its features are most attractive.

Z-Edge S3 Dual Dash Cam Review

It includes a low-light recording system that provides superior low light fulfillment using WDR technology. The Z-Edge S3 Dual dash cam can record up to 1440p HD video. It has a motion detection system that uses to record automatically if an accident occurs. This video comes with a time and date feature. The cam includes 1440p front and 1080p rear camera. If micro SD runs out, the newly recorded videos will automatically replace the oldest video which follows the Best front and rear dash cam criteria. The cam can view 150 degrees of the field by front camera and back totaling 300 degrees. At the time of parked and parking mode of the vehicle, the cam uses its internal battery for recording. Any vibration or motion starts the cam to record. This Z-Edge S3 dual dash cam is useful with superb features.

Police Grade Dash Cam Review

in this police-grade dash cam review, The dashcam includes GPS Tracking which is the attractive part about it. It can detect motion. The cam has both single and double camera mode with night vision up to 15ft. The video recorded by this cam has a time/date stamp on it. This police-grade dashcam has SD card storage up to 32GB. The cam can record video 125-degree wide-angle of the field of has an audio record facility with disable mode. The battery capacity of the cam is 7000m and its battery life at daytime is 8 hours and the night vision is 6 hours. This superb quality police-grade dash cam includes leather DVR cover, USB cable, and USB wall charger which make the product more enriched.

The conclusion of the Best front and rear dash cam:

we try to list top best front and rear dash cam.on the last stage of this article we made it. and I think this is the most consumer liked product. but you and we are human beings. nothing possible to make perfect every time. anyway,  we like to hear more from you in this review comment please do comment and helps us to gi y your valuable opinion.

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