TRQ wheel bearing review- Dependable car wheel bearing brand

Wheel bearings have become an essential and integral part of the cars. It is imperative to have wheel bearings if you have a car. Now, there were a lot of wheel bearings in the market. So, people very quickly get confused about the right wheel bearing they need for their cars. They then eventually buy something the shop owner convinces them. They come back, try to fit that part in but realize there are some defects in what they just have bought. So, we are here to help you with this TRQ wheel bearing review

So, we decided to come up with a wheel bearing review that can help you choose the right one on your own. Honestly, no one likes the sight of their hard-earned money going in vain. We have searched wheel bearings of various companies on the internet. We have only included the wheel bearings that have passed the tests correctly. Check out the list below containing five best wheel bearings of our time and choose accordingly.

Our Top Five List Here:

TRQ Front Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly Driver Passenger Pair

The very first one in this TRQ wheel is bearing reviews of the TRQ front wheel hub bearing assembly driver passenger pair. This wheel bearing from TRQ comes in a couple. These very sustainable front wheel bearings have ABS sensors installed in it. It is a tachometer type of thing that measures the rotational wheel speed. These wheel speed sensors are a very convenient installation in a wheel bearing. These wheel bearing can also fit in 6 Lug wheels easily. There are studs installed in it. The same studs that help to hold the wheels of the automobiles. They are mounted directly to the vehicle hub. You don’t need a press for the proper installation of this wheel. The fantastic product comes pre-assembled.


  1. The wheel bearings that wheel also fit in your 6 Lug wheels.
  2. Anti-lock brakes sensors are pre-installed in the wheel bearings.
  3. There are wheel studs available in the TRQ Front Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly Driver passenger Pair.
  4. These wheel bearings usually made under strict quality control standards.
  5. These bearings do not need a press for installation.
  6. The product comes pre-assembled with the hub, bearing, and mounting bolts.


  1. The product does not come with an o-ring.
  2. It is not interchangeable.

TRQ 2 Front Wheel Hubs and Bearings Pair

This fantastic product here comes in a pair as the other TRQ wheel bearings on the list. In search of the best TRQ wheel bearings that can make the list of our TRQ wheel bearing reviewthis product was an inevitable entry. This amazing TRQ 2 Front Wheel Hubs and Bearings Pair will fit on both the tires of the front row. These tires have ABS sensors installed that will keep an eye on the rotational speed of your wheels. It also comes with three-bolt Flanges. TRQ 2 Front hub will help you when the bearing mounting surface is perpendicular to the shaft axis. These wheel bearings also fit 6 Lug wheels. You can directly replace these wheel bearings with the old ones. These wheel bearings are best fit for all-wheel drives as well as four-wheel drives.


  1. The wheel bearings are for 4WD (4 Wheel Drive), and AWF (All wheel drive).
  2. These wheel bearings have three bolt Flanges
  3. These wheel bearings are going to fit the 6 Lug wheels
  4. Wheel studs are already present in the wheel bearings.
  5. This product also has ABS sensors.


  1. It does not come with wheel hub bolts.
  2. It doesn’t come with an impact socket.

 TRQ Front Wheel Hubs and Bearings Left and Right Pair

This fantastic wheel bearing is here on our list because they are one of those that fit new body style models only. This product also comes with a pair of wheel bearings for the front wheels only. You can directly replace the wheel pairs with the old ones without much problem. This incredible product also has three triangular bolt flange. This one works great with the six lug wheels. The Anti-lock brakes, aka ABS sensors, are also installed in the Front wheel Hubs and Bearings pair by TRQ. You don’t need to think about the wheel studs that are already present in this product. This product matches the criteria of your 4WD vehicle. These front pair of wheel hubs and bearings are best suited for your vehicles.


  1. ABS sensors included and installed in the product.
  2. They have the three-bolt triangular flanges.
  3. Wheel studs already installed.
  4. Best suited for 4WD vehicles
  5. Have great customer ratings.


  1. Fits the new body style models only.
  2. These wheel bearings are not for 2WD vehicles.

 TRQ Front Wheel Hubs and Bearings Pair Set

These wheel bearings by TRQ has made a list as these bearings as these products have some fantastic features like direct replacements. These wheel pairs have the backing of the company’s limited lifetime warranty scheme. This product has bu under stringent quality control standards. It has been passed various quality control checks before being marketed. However, this product does not include any ABS sensors in it.


  1. You can replace these bearings directly.
  2. These bearings have the backing of the limited lifetime warranty schemes of the company.
  3. New wheel studs already installed in the bearings.


  1. ABS sensors are not present in the bearing pair set.

 TRQ Front Wheel Hubs and Bearings left, and right pair

This wheel bearings by TRQ also comes in a couple. You can avail of the direct replacement of this bearing. New wheel studs are installed and ready to stop your vehicle from any accident. This pair of wheel bearings also comes in a couple and is built under a strict quality control check.


  1. New wheel studs installed.
  2. This wheel hub Comes in a pair.
  3. Direct replacements available.
  4. Lifetime warranty provided by the company.
  5. all type of wheel bearing supported


  1. Not for the X models, which are also known as the AWD vehicles.
  2. ABS is not present in this product.

Wheel bearings, as mentioned above, are the integral parts of our cars. These are some unavoidable parts of the car wheels. So, if you have to buy one, you have to be very careful while choosing. So, check out the wheel bearings mentioned here in the list of TRQ Wheel Bearing review. Know the standard features and what differences they make. Choose the right one.

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