Power sport brakes review This sport car breaks you must need

Introduction of power sport brakes review

Can you name an essential safety feature of your car? It is the brake system, helping you in controlling your vehicle on your need. This brake setup comprises several components, and you can never underestimate any of them. Now, we are going to talk about brake rotors. The variation in the design causes a slight difference to the functioning of brake rotors. Nowadays, the manufacturers include brake pads kit to their brake rotor package. Power Sport is also one of these brands, offering you a comprehensive package at a reasonable price. The advertisements about different power sport brakes might come across as very attractive to many. It is crucial to go through power sport brakes review to understand which power sport brakes one should be buying.

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Brief detail Power Sport Cross-Drilled Slotted Brake Rotors

This Power Sport Cross-Drilled Slotted Brake Rotors and Ceramic Brake Pads Kit is the perfect support kit for your vehicle. It guarantees to provide superior braking performance, no matter what the driving conditions are. The car gets an enhanced stopping power because of the slots on the rotor which grabs more bite to the brake pads.

power sport brake kit review

The cross drilled holes are made to help in the dissipation of heat. Hence, it helps to prevent warping or any vibration. The rust protection is made stronger with the zinc plated silver. The cross drilled and slotted rotors improve the functionality of your vehicle and also adds on to the impression of the car, giving it a race car sort of look. Also, the brake rotors meet and even exceeds the OE specifications. Therefore, it needs no further modifications. It is ready to install the product with new brake pads, being delivered at your doorstep.

Suitable for all cars

Power Sport Cross-Drilled Slotted Brake Rotors and Ceramic Brake Pads Kit -80775 [Front & Rear] comes with an upgraded stainless-steel hardware. It also perfectly matched rotors and pads. The kit also has new pin bushings and high-temperature brake lubricant.

The product has a low dust ceramic formula that is reinforced with carbon fibers. And this, in turn, strengthens the compound and provides severe duty stopping power without causing any drawback to the vehicle’s day to day drivability. This product uses a formula of dust-free friction. And it is thoroughly tested to ensure that it is utterly noise-free braking. Besides, it uses a particular carbon-fiber Ceramic method which gives the tool increased braking power.

power sport brake kit

Power Sport Cross-Drilled Slotted Brake Rotors and Ceramic Brake Pads Kit are cast using the most excellent G3000 metallurgy and with strict OE tolerances. This makes them perfect, bolts upgraded to the latest and without additional need for alteration.

Drilled slotted and plated for controlling the temperature

We have to talk about the drill holes in this Power Sport brakes review. The precision drill holes in this product allow for rotor cooling to the maximum. Also, this assists in keeping the temperature of the brakes at a minimum, even during extreme operating conditions.

Unique slot designs and plating to prevent debris

The rounded slots in this product help wipe away debris. Thus, it aids keeping the contact patch on the rotor surface clean and clear for a safe and smooth braking system. The drilled and slotted rotors are all applied with a Silver Zinc Dichromate plating. Likewise, this makes your vehicle wheels look fantastic. Also, it helps in preventing rust, corrosion, or any other damages.

Accuracy and perfection

The manufacturer has manufactured this product to perfection and carefully machined each rotor and mill balanced to precision so that it fits your vehicle correctly and perfectly. The maximum rotor runout is 0.0032,” and the maximum DTV tolerance specification is 0.0005″.

Water and gas evacuation

You will find another significant advantage from the cross-drilled rotors. Power Sport has realized the importance of evacuating water and gases from the interface. This is present between your brake pad surface and the face of the disc. As Power Sport has offered contemporary-style brake pads, you will have no issue. Besides, crossed-drilled rotors are very useful while it is a wet condition, and the surface area of the pad is enormous.

Find your disc with an increased surface area

The cross-drilling technology optimizes the discs’ surface area. As well, it is effective at cooling the discs. Thus, the manufacturer has focused on the ratio of disc mass and surface area. Besides, the presence of accurate holes helps in refreshing the surface of the brake pad. So, you will find better performance standard and longer shelf life of the disc. Consequently, for all these features, you can rely on the crossed drilled, slotted brake rotors of Power Sport.

brake reviews


  • The installation of the kit is effortless, and the instruction manual is elementary to follow. So, anybody is capable of installing this kit by self at home. So, no extra man need to fix that.
  • The kit helps in the reduction of brake dust. Also, the ceramic brake pads put an end to any unwanted noise coming from the vehicle (like the squealing of vehicle tires).
  • The durability of the material is evident. It guarantees a long-term use and excellent quality.
  • The kit uses a solution for anti rust, anti-dust and internal cooling.


  • Premature wear and tear
  • No chance of resurfacing- Full replacement is essential
  • Noise issue at the time of stopping

Some points to keep in mind!

After reviewing this power sport brakes review, we have concluded that it should be an excellent value for money and is recommended by many. But before you buy, check for the following:

  • While receiving the product, one must check whether all the items are present in the kit or not. Most importantly, check if the equipment has the instruction manual or not.
  • Before using make it drilled and slotted.
  • Also, it is necessary to check for the compatibility of the kit with the vehicle. Otherwise, one might end up buying something which is of no use to them.


So, it’s now the right time to invest in the high-quality brake rotor from Power Sport. With the blend of technologies and the use of proper materials, this brand has made its brake rotors much reliable. Thus, have a look at the features as mentioned above of these rotors and make your decision. Hope this power sport brakes review will assist you to a great extent

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