Hart Brakes Review-Compact Car Breaks System

These days, road accidents are a common issue. With each passing day, the rate of accidents on the road is increasing. One of the main reasons behind this it brakes failure. If your car doesn’t have a powerful and efficient brake, there will always be a chance of an accident. So, we would suggest you opt for the Hart brakes, as they are quite powerful. Here is full Hart Brakes Review it will help you to get the best brakes for your car.

Top list from Hart brakes review

There are three types of Hart brakes. The first one is the silver brake and the second and third is the golden and black respectively. So, let us deliver you with a full list so that you can select the suitable one. I added two different models for each silver, gold, and black plated disk

Fit Dodge Charger Front Rear Sport Drill Slot Brake Rotors

This is one of the best Hart brakes that you can check. With this brake on your side, you can make your journeys more comfortable and safe. Well, this product comes with a ceramic pad. You will get both front and rear ceramic pad with this product. Besides, there is a cross drill present in this brake that will allow the ventilation of air, as well as fast heat dissipation. The slots are also precisely crafted so that it can enhance the stopping power. Additionally, there are advanced ceramic formulated pads that deliver low noise and low dust.


  • It allows maximum dissipation of heat.
  • Besides, the cross drill also enables air ventilation, which is very significant.
  • The stopping power of this brake is also incredible as there are precisely crafted slots.
  • Another exciting part about this brake is that it produces negligible noise and dust.


  • Till now, no such con is found in this brake.

Gold Hart Drilled Slotted Brake Rotors

Like the previous one, this brake also comes with ceramic pads. You will get both front and real ceramic pad. Fast heat dissipation and air ventilation are the forte of this break as cross drills are present. The stopping power of this brake is also impressive as the slots are entirely accurate. Once you bring this brake on the boards, you don’t have to worry about noise and dust. The innovative ceramic pads allow low dust as well as low noise. To be more precise and as per Hart brakes review, this brake provides utmost safety to your vehicle, and you don’t have to worry much about the maintenance of it.


  • You can easily install this brake into your car without any issues.
  • Air ventilation and dissipation of heat is also not an issue for this brake as there are cross drills.
  • You will also not get disappointed with the stopping power of this brake due to its précised slots.
  • No reason to worry about the noise and dust of this brake.


  • Compared to other brakes, it has a bit shorter lifetime.

Black Hart Drilled Slotted Brake Rotors

Well, this is a third of the list. This is also an impressive brake that can make your car safer. With this brake on your side, you don’t have to worry about any accidents. It is a brilliant stopping power as the slots are quite meticulous. Unlike other brakes, you don’t have to worry about heat dissipation as well as air ventilation. Another impressive part about this brake is that it comes with ceramic pads- front and rear. These advanced ceramic pads help to maintain a low noise as well as little dust.


  • This brake is compatible with the maximum heat dissipation.
  • Air ventilation is also not an issue when this brake is on your side.
  • The stopping power of this brake is also remarkable.
  • Besides, you can install it without any problems as the installation process is quite easy.


  • It tends to wear during the groove cycle.
  • You cannot resurface this brake.

Installation guide of these brakes

We have already discussed several times that it is effortless to install the Hart brakes. You don’t have to go through many complications while installing these brakes. You only have to pursue a few simple steps, and voila! So, let us provide you with the steps that you have to follow while installing these brakes.

1)The primary thing that you have to do is to gather all the necessary tools like ceramic pads, slotted rotors, brake fluid, brake grease, and a C-clamp.

2)Now, you have to block the front wheel of the car so that it doesn’t roll out. Take your vehicle to a park and enable the parking brake.

3)Loosen the wheel’s lug nuts, so that you can make them free. After that, raise the car with the support of a safe jack.

4)Remove the wheels as well as the lug nuts. Well, it will be best for you if you give your focus on one wheel at a time.

5)Here, you have to review the brake components.

6)You will find that two bolts are holding two parts of the caliper. Remove these two bolts.

7)meanwhile, the caliper is out of the way, you have to remove the rotor.

8)In this step, you have to move back the piston inside the caliper. Due to the wearing of the pads, you will find out that pistons are extended.

9)After that, you have to check and replace all the required hardware. If the hardware is not appropriate, it may create unwanted noise.

10)You either replace the rotor or resurface the rotor. You have to replace the rotor as you cannot resurface these brakes.

11)Now, it is the time when you must install the new rotor as well as remount the caliper. Do not forget to use the brake grease during this step.

12)In the twelfth step, you have to reinstall the caliper slide as well as the brake pads.

13)Now, you have to bleed the brakes so that you can remove the air from the brake lines. Just make sure that the brake fluid is full.

14)Finally, in this step, you have to replace the bolts as well as wheels.

15)also if you face any issue you can check this video

So, these are everything that you need to know about the Hart brakes review and how to install them

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