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We will recommend Akebono Brake Pads for their years of stunning performance. However, you have the right to know why we are suggesting these ceramic brake pads over other cheaper brands. Akebono ceramic brake pads are not the cheapest one in the market yet they are one of the best. Before we start to say anything about this popular brand, we want to share a little history about the use of materials in the brake pad industry. You need to know this to understand why Akebono is superior among others. Let’s Here we start the Akebono Brake Pads Reviews

Our Top pick from Akebono Brake Pads Reviews

Here start the list details, we listed here top ten Akebono Brake Pads. Users most like these pads. These brake pads have a top rating. And thousand of people already recognized as a top brand among the other brake pads available in the market.

Complete brief of Akebono Brake pads

The ceramic is not the material we used earlier in the making of brake pads. Those materials which Generally used in the brake pads were too harmful to the environment. Therefore, the scientists had come up with a solution, which is the ceramic brake pads.

Nevertheless, the use of ceramic arose some problems as well. Ceramic pads offer excellent output as a brake pad, yet they create too much noise and dust.after that the organic pad is the right solution. However, they are not faultless as well. This type of material does not last very long and not as efficient as ceramic pads.

Then comes the semi-metallic pads which are well efficient in stopping vehicles. The semi-metallic pads usually are used in racing cars. They are not suitable for regular usage because they are run out fast also damages the rotor. After that, they tried with ceramic, and finally, they are able to overcome this issue. The Akebono ceramic brake pads are such quality pads which give us superior performance along with longevity. Let’s learn about this brand and its products below.

Product Brand Introduction: All About Akebono

When you are going to purchase brake pads for your precious vehicle, you could trust a brand which has experience of 85 years. In the production of brake pads, we have seen vast improvements. Akebono’s engineers have been working hard to improve the design of brake pads for years. They are quite successful, therefore, stands as one of the fiercest competitors in the brake pad industry.

Most people prefer the USA made a product which is also environment-friendly. Akebono allows you to grab their eco-friendly products, which they started manufacturing in the USA. This brand achieves the standard of nearly zero defects per million parts produced. They have a little number of products, and they are compatible with millions of vehicles. Akebono presents some amazing brake pads having qualities like quiet performance, superior braking power, longer rotor, and pad life.

Akebono Brake Pads Catalog:

This famous brand presents three different categories of brake pads. Below we will discuss their respective features.

Akebono Pro-ACT® Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads

These pads recommended as replacement brake pads for restoring OE ceramic pads. Besides, it is suitable for upgrading from conventional pads as well. The optimized performance of this ceramic range gives you a less dust experience. It also helps to maintain a safe driving situation by providing uniform stopping power even in the harsh driving situation.

Akebono Pro-ACT® Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads virtually eliminates vibration, harshness, and noise. These pads do not wear the rotor too fast and help to keep a longer life span of the rotor. Furthermore, it presents a reduced pedal effort. Quiet braking performance with cleaner wheels and tire, Akebono Pro-ACT® Ultra-Premium pads ensures that.

Akebono EURO® Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads

These brake pads help to maintain a precise braking control for European made cars. The European car owners love this range because of its ultimate stopping power. These pads will reduce dust as well as maintain a longer rotor life. If you want to try the perfect upgrade for low-metallic and semi-metallic pads, you should apply these pads. Like other ranges of Akebono, these pads are effective against NVH- noise, vibration, harshness.

Akebono Performance® Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads

Specially designed for performance vehicles, offering excellent stopping power. The law enforcement cars, light pickups, SUV, fleets, etc. require smooth and safe stopping performance. To ensure longer rotor life, quiet braking, and less dust, the engineers used an upgraded ceramic formula in these pads. These pads are a suitable upgrade for low-metallic and semi-metallic pads.

Moreover, they eliminate noise, vibration, and harshness like some other great products of Akebono. Akebono presents different designs for various vehicle models to eliminate brake squealing by securing a perfect fit. In this range, an effective friction formula has been used to ensure added stopping power.


  • Omits noise, vibration, harshness
  • Provides consistent stopping power
  • Distinct designs for a massive number of vehicles
  • High-quality replacement pads
  • Helps to maintain more sustained rotor life
  • Offers quiet braking performance


  • Price is higher than other competitors
  • Some of the pads may not fit several models as advertised

Akebono Brake Pad Installation Instructions

First, you should check the manual that comes with it before starting to install the brake pads. The manual will inform you about the specifications, type of brake pads, and oil. Then jack up the car to remove the whole tire easily. Try to access calipers by turning the wheel on the left or right direction.

Another important thing is the rotor. You should check if that needs to replaced. If the rotor is alright, then you should remove the calipers and detach the brake pads. After that compress a brake piston to make a way of employing the new brake pads. Now apply grease on the pins and different parts of the caliper. Next, you need to bleed the brakes, before that install the caliper in its place. The process is almost complete. Now you have to attach the tire and test if the installation is okay.

User Guide

We recommend you to check the brake pads often to determine the replacement period. It is tough to say when they will wear out completely. a car breaks on multiple factors like road conditions, car weight, driving frequency, etc.also you can watch this type of youtube videos

When searching for topnotch quality, Akebono is the best choice you have. Also,  Akebono brake pads present eco-friendly ceramic technology along with the most exceptional features that are crucial for different braking situations. That’s it the Akebono brake pads reviews in future we will publish more  this type of article

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