Black Panthers (1967)-Black Panther Gets Its Roar Back

1967 black panthers 2

When the 1967 black panthers Camaro launched, individual dealerships concocted modified versions because of customer demand for high-performance alterations. Gorries Chevrolet Oldsmobile, located in downtown Toronto, was ahead of its time with the Black Panther package. 

Gorries says less than four dozen of these variants were made. They missed out on a marketing opportunity with 2018’s Marvel movie of the same name, but the Black Panther still had ties to the silver screen with the 007 package. This included a $29 center console rework that featured fake toggle switches such as “bullet shield” and “oil slick.” 

Of course, not everybody was a fan of the 007 package, which was optional, but the Black Panther still feels very ‘Bond-y’ anyways. A thick gold stripe on the lower rocker panels, as well as the Gold Deluxe interior featuring Midas-Esque bucket seats, dash, and interior carpeting, is appealing – and not just to your eyes only. 


Another 1967 black panthers Uncovered.

1967 black panthers

Another thing to note about this tribute 1967 black panthers package is that its whereabouts are almost as shrouded in mystery as Wakanda. There were rumors of as little as six of the Gorrie’s still in circulation, perhaps even just two. 

The website is the new owner of one of those models, coming. It does have the Bond package, which makes it even rarer, and there are just 7500 miles on the Camaro since new. The car has spent the last 15 years in a private collection. 

The Restoration Process 

1967 black panthers Vintage Car

The Black Panther package is so sharp looking that, at this point, people who have one know it’s not a commuter or a Winter car. It’s no surprise that this 1967 Camaro was in reasonably good shape. 

The restoration process did involve some tightening up, as they usually do. The front end, with the 396 big blocks and the Hurst 4-speed, did need some tuning. The tires were replaced, and the wiring was altered. 

You don’t change much with the interior of a Black Panther, as that’s part of its allure. This owner has kept the Black Panther “100% stock” save for a Retro Sounds Bluetooth stereo. The dulcet tones of a 1st generation Camaro’s exhaust overstay their welcome on extended cruises. 

Challenges and Summary 

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As always, the challenge with any restoration is knowing just how detailed to get. The Black Panther is a unique car, but also very unknown. Would some collectors think that a Gen1 Camaro is kind of ruined by having a gold interior and missile toggle switches? Do some think it’s tacky? 

Corey Tyner of Corey Buys Classic Cars looks for cars that are “special, unique, one of a kind” things people relate to. The Black Panther is cool-looking. The 007 console is a talking point, and regardless of what collectors with other tastes have to say, this vehicle is very valuable. also if you want to restore or want any kind of other models of a vintage car, you can visit our official website 

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